Jim Barksdale is the Democrats’ Top Choice to Challenge Isakson

Georgia Democrats hope the David Perdue strategy will be the one that defeats Senator Johnny Isakson. Jim Barksdale filed his paperwork on Thursday to challenge Isakson. A political newcomer, Barksdale is an accomplished Atlanta businessman, much like Perdue.

Barksdale is the pick of Georgia Democrats’ brass and with a strong first impression has no website I can find.

In a statement Barksdale said:

“It’s time for accountability in Washington because the hard truth is, they’ve lost our trust. Building my company, we always kept at the top of our minds that we were protecting people’s retirement, their children’s education and their opportunities to act on their dreams. We need this same stewardship in the U.S. Senate on national security and economic opportunity for all.”

Will Democrats have something more than just a well-funded challenger this year or is Barksdale the real deal? We’ll find out in a few months.


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