“Floating Under the Influence” Almost Legal in Georgia

The Georgia Senate recently approved House Bill 172, which would change the state’s boating laws making clear that drinking on an inflatable raft close to shore does not equate to “boating under the influence”. This bill would allow drinking alcoholic beverages while floating on the water as long as the raft does not have a motor and is within 100 feet of the shore of any “nonflowing body of water”.

State Representative Eddie Lumsden (R-12) sponsored the bill, believing that it recognizes a “long-treasured pastime” in Georgia:

“I submit to you,” Lumsden told Senators, “that there is a significant difference between boating under the influence and floating under the influence.”

After passing the Senate on a 49-1 vote, HB 172 requires one last sign-off from the State House due to some minor changes in the bill before its final passage.


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