GA – 9 race a Maury Povich episode?

If you believe that evolution and the Big Bang theory are lies straight from the pit of hell or that Federal employees don’t have real jobs or that the 16th and 17th amendments be repealed and that the Civil War and healthcare reform are comparable then your candidate looks poised to enter the 9th Congressional District race.

According to Jim Thompson at the Athens Banner-Herald:

Former Republican congressman Paul Broun, who represented the Athens area in Washington for seven years before leaving the seat in 2014 for an unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate, is hinting strongly that he’ll be a candidate for Congress in this year’s election.

Broun, a Watkinsville physician, said Thursday he will announce on Wednesday whether he will, in fact, be seeking the 9th District congressional seat held by Republican Doug Collins.

As if the Department of Justice did not have enough to do with the machinations of the likely Democrat nominee for President, the GOP is now demanding equal time.


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