Kasim for Veep? Not so Fast!

Apparently there are rumors circulating that Kasim Reed could be Hillary’s VP nominee. But Mayor Reed seems unfazed by it all and doesn’t seem to be angling for the spot.

Quoth Reed via 11 Alive:

I don’t have any comment on that. I don’t know anything about it. The only thing I’m focused on is being the mayor of the City of Atlanta and going out and doing a great job for Secretary Clinton and making sure becomes President… I haven’t been asked about [being Vice President].

It’s worth mentioning that seemingly no one else is talking about Reed as VP so we can file this as at best a longshot and more likely wishful thinking from Reed backers in Atlanta.

Long-time political observers will recall this is not the first time an Atlanta mayor’s name has been tossed around as a VP nominee. Bill Campbell for VP rumors were circulated in 2000 (and depending on who you talk to, 1996 as well). All of those rumors came from the Campbell camp.

All Veep hopefuls need to be so folksy… doing folksy things with… folks. 


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