Morning Reads — March 2

Ed is on Mr. Trump’s plane, hosing down Chris Christie doing other things this Wednesday, so it’s my job to join you in despair. Ed left us a song.

It doesn’t really convey how I feel either. Try this. Or this. I don’t recommend this.

Super Tuesday

– President Nixon assesses last night the way the architect you fired inspects what used to be a house
– Perhaps the way to keep Trump from happening again is to stop believing in things
– Then again, it’s hard to offer Reaganite solutions when taxes are so low
– Easy as it is to blame Kasich et al. for staying in, they all should. This has to go to the convention.
– You’ll be reading plenty mea culpas
– The Whole Foods/ Cracker Barrel demographics split wildly
– Oh fine, here’s the John Oliver link. But I’m not happy about agreeing.

 – For the next week we’ll all be puzzling over this to see how our delegates shake out. Anyone a pledged delegate?
County results
– The SEC set an attendance record last year and the important thing is that we beat Florida
– “Baywatch, the Movie” is casting in Savannah. We’d all audition, but most of us are contractually bound to the swimsuit calendar
– A medical cannabis bill passed overwhelmingly and no one is happy about it
– Even without Steph Curry, the Warriors beat the Hawks

Stay sane, y’all.


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