Last Minute Endorsements and Statements in Presidential Primary Race

You can tell it’s primary day eve when the inbox overflows with statements from presidental candidates and their surrogates. Earlier, Nathan posted a statement from 14th District congressman Tom Graves about his vote for Marco Rubio. Now comes a statement from the Ted Cruz press shop announcing new support for the Texas Senator. New supporters include:

Richard Woods, Georgia Schools Superintendent
Sen. David Shafer, Georgia Senate President Pro Tempore
Sen. Hunter Hill, District 6
Sen. Greg Kirk, District 13
Rep. Earl Ehrhart, District 36
Rep. Ed Seltzer, District 35
Rep. Scot Turner, District 21
Neil Warren, Cobb County Sheriff
Barry Morgan, Cobb County Solicitor

Superintendent Woods expressed his support for Cruz:

On Super Tuesday, we have the great opportunity to move the only consistent, constitutional, Christian conservative candidate closer to becoming the Republican nominee for President. The importance of this election cannot be understated as the future of our amazing nation hangs in the balance. Thus, I am asking all of Georgia to join me in supporting Ted Cruz on Tuesday as we go to the ballot box.

Senate President Pro-Tempore Shafer said,

Ted Cruz is the candidate with a consistent commitment to conservative principles. I believe he has the courage to break through the dysfunction of our federal government.

Meanwhile, the Marco Rubio campaign released this statement from Georgia Congressman Austin Scott:

Donald Trump’s reprehensible refusal to denounce the Ku Klux Klan is just the latest, most outrageous example of why he can never be the Republican nominee. Georgia Republicans will not allow their party to be taken over by a con man. Marco Rubio’s huge crowds here show Georgians see Marco as the conservative candidate who can win in November.

That’s it in the endorsement and candidate statements department, except from prophet for profit Amy Kremer, who wants you chip in at least $5 to support Donald Trump, the guy who is self-funding. Or at least that’s what he says at every speech.


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