Even Ivory soap isn’t pure enough

He is the most conservative Congressman in Georgia and the 16th most conservative in the nation. His rating is 90% by Gunowners of America, 100% by Americans for Prosperity, 85% by Numbers USA, 100% by National Right to Life, 93% by the NRA and 86% by the American Conservative Union. He is my 9th District Congressman Doug Collins.

For some that is not good enough according to a story reported in the Gainesville Times by Jason Gill and Clark Leonard.

Two candidates have emerged to oppose U.S. Rep. Doug Collins of Gainesville in the May 24 Republican primary.

Roger Fitzpatrick of Cleveland and Mike Scupin of Gainesville each have announced they are running.

Also, Bernard Fontaine of Suches has set up an exploratory committee to determine whether he’ll run against Collins, according to his website.

Fitzpatrick and Fontaine opposed Collins in previous primaries, and this is the first bid for the seat by Scupin, who is founder of Lanier Tea Party Patriots.

I regularly encourage people to get involved politically and run for office if they are so disposed. But the increased frequency of those who challenge based on a single vote or issue seems a waste of the qualifying fee. Based on the challengers comments in the article that is what is going on in this race.

Ronald Reagan was correct when he said,“if we agree on 80+% we are allies, not 20% enemies”.

(Full disclosure – I intend to volunteer again with the Collins campaign this election cycle)

For the full article see Gainesville Times



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