In Support of Ted Cruz

Editor’s Note: In anticipation of Georgia’s presidential primary on Tuesday, GeorgiaPol will publish a series of essays in support of some of the leading presidential candidates. This essay is from Cruz supporter Scott Johnson.

Why Ted Cruz….

Simply put, Ted Cruz is willing to stand on his principles and because of that, I think is uniquely qualified and positioned to WIN.

I’ve had a chance to meet Cruz several times over the last few years. I had the unique opportunity to sit with him one on one for well over an hour talking about politics and America. It’s impossible to spend any time with Cruz and not leave impressed. I would have to add, even inspired.

Son of a Cuban immigrant, Cruz’s upbringing and historical perspective is an important factor in his thinking. It’s hard to imagine a speech where Cruz doesn’t reflect and draw on his family’s experience and desire to seek freedom and liberty. Escaping an oppressive regime, his family epitomizes the American Dream.

This is a man who believes wholeheartedly in American exceptionalism. A man who understands the challenges American faces and is willing to step into the arena and fight to preserve our liberty and our constitutional framework that has made our country what it is.

When you combine his life experiences, his faith, his family, his education and his principles, you find a well-rounded man who is destined to do great things…in service of our country.

When we look at the nominating process for Republicans and the core of our voters and activists, few candidates bring such a unique coalition together. He is a solid, consistent and bold conservative leader who believes in a strong America and a limited government.

Conservatives of many stripes have been looking for a home, a candidate that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. We have that in Ted Cruz.

Tea Party members across this country are a growing force within the Republican Party. Frustrated with the status quo, they have joined our party ranks and have a very influential if not dominating voice in many states across the country. They participate at every level of the process and have become a key to many winning campaigns. Cruz represents their views and passion.

The Christian right continues to be an active and important part of our base. Since 1988, they have fully integrated into the party structure and have completely become the backbone and foundation for many candidates and states around the country. Cruz is a devout Christian who can articulate his faith and values.

Traditional conservatives and limited government conservatives have been looking for a principled leader for years. When you poll America and test the issues that matter to the average voters across this country, most identify themselves as conservatives, albeit not necessarily Republican. Ted Cruz reaches this constituency and can pull in the “Reagan Democrats”.

Cruz believes in a strong defense and realizes America plays a unique role on the world stage. A strong supporter of freedom-loving people around the world, he has repeatedly stood up for the universal values of freedom and liberty for all. A strong supporter of Israel, he is willing to stand with our allies and ensure a free and democratic society worldwide. Ted Cruz strongly represents this wing of the party.

And Cruz understands the grassroots of the conservative movement and inspires their passion, commitment and energy necessary to win the Republican nomination. One only has to look at his race for U.S. Senate, where he came from nowhere to win the nomination and represent Texas in the U.S. Senate. He took on the well-funded establishment candidate, with virtually every political leader united behind his opponent – he ran a campaign against all odds…and won. He’s the quintessential grassroots candidate, who connects with our poll worker, Women’s Federation member, phone-bank volunteer and the local precinct worker better than most.

Ted Cruz unites our traditional primary constituency and the base of our party like few others can…and arguably better than most.
So why Ted Cruz…

  • The only courageous conservative that has a committed base
  • A large and growing number or small donors
  • Strong Super PAC support (all philosophical)
  • He’s a constitutionalist – grounded philosophically as a “movement conservative”
  • Can attract traditional conservative, evangelicals, Tea Party, liberty and Reagan Democrats
  • He has consistently outperformed every other candidate with the youth vote in early states
  • A consistent, disciplined and articulate conservative message
  • He has more money than any other candidate left in the race

With Jeb Bush out of the race, he has raised more money than any other candidate in the race, Super PACs supporting him have more money than other and as of the last filing, he had more cash on hand than any other candidate in the race!

There is a strong army of courageous conservatives across this country ready to fight. Cruz has the best national ground game with 200K+ volunteers which is using of cutting-edge micro-targeting analytical and data technology to reach voters. We have a huge donor base of small contributors giving EVERY month to support that fight. We have philosophically grounded Super PACs supporting his candidacy for all the right reasons.

And most importantly, we have the right candidate, with the right message in Ted Cruz to make America great again…but in the real sense!


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