In Support of Marco Rubio

Editor’s Note: In anticipation of Georgia’s presidential primary on Tuesday, GeorgiaPol will publish a series of essays in support of some of the leading presidential candidates. This essay is from Rubio supporter Buzz Brockway.

I grew up reading National Review magazine and its founder William F, Buckley, Jr. He, along with my father, helped instill in me the conservative principles that shape my approach to politics. One of Buckley’s famous sayings was that conservatives in primary elections should “support the most conservative candidate who is electable.” In this GOP field that once numbered seventeen accomplished individuals, exactly who is this most conservative candidate who is electable?

As I examined the field, I decided Florida Senator Marco Rubio best meets the Buckley test. Pick your favorite conservative group and you will see Rubio consistently ranking as one of the Senate’s most conservative members. During his time in the U.S. Senate, Rubio introduced important conservative legislation; including legislation dealing a serious blow to Obamacare. Rubio didn’t just talk about fighting this ineffective law; he actually did something about it.

During his political career Marco Rubio served on city of West Miami Commission, and in the Florida House of Representatives, rising to the positions of Majority Leader and Speaker of the Florida House. To become Majority Leader and Speaker of a legislative body requires one to earn a tremendous amount of trust among one’s colleagues.

After his time in the Florida House of Representatives, Rubio ran for the U.S. Senate. Standing in his way was Governor of Florida Charlie Crist. Crist was the establishment dream candidate, receiving the public and financial backing of the DC establishment. Undaunted, Rubio plowed ahead, running Crist out of the GOP and defeating him in a three way general election. Marco Rubio was the first Tea Party candidate to win an election and proved he can win a tough campaign against tough opponents.

As we think about who is the “most conservative candidate who is electable,” also consider this: the Democratic candidate for President has won the state of Florida four of the last five Presidential elections. For Republicans to win the Presidency, we need a candidate who can win swing states like Florida. There is no doubt Marco Rubio can win his home state and other swing states crucial to winning the November general election. Nominating a Republican who would struggle to win the general election could mean Hillary Clinton appointing as many as three Justices to the Supreme Court. It is crucial for Republicans to win this election for many reasons, not the least of which is preventing a liberal Supreme Court majority.

Marco Rubio is a mainstream conservative who can unite the Republican Party and the people of United States. Rubio will never ask you to be angry at one group of Americans so that he can score political points.
With so much anger and divisiveness in our politics today, we need a leader who not only understand why people are frustrated, but will to turn that frustration into a positive plan of action to get things done. Marco Rubio has provided this type of leadership his entire career.

On Tuesday March 1st, I urge all Georgians to vote Marco Rubio for President.


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