GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 5 for February 12, 2016: Cold As #Icepocalypse2016

It’s a full week!  Petty politics under the Gold Dome, your weekly RFRA update, and a few words on the New Hampshire primary as GeorgiaPol Radio takes the air.  Each week, Charlie Harper, Jon Richards, and Stefan Turkheimer take over Rich “Sully” Sullivan’s show for an hour each Friday on WGST to talk about all things Georgia politics.  It’s a trail of twists and turns this week, so jump on your penny-farthing and take the ride for this week’s episode.

This week’s synopsis:

  • Segment 1: It’s the 1970s all over again with price controls! Charlie and Jon talk about a bill filed by House Majority Whip Matt Ramsey, who isn’t running for re-election, to control the cost of tuition and the higher education market as a whole.
  • Segment 2: Charlie talks about petty politics:  Senator and GOP GA-03 Candidate Mike Crane goes MIA during a vote on the budget yesterday and showing pesky facts contrary to claims made by Representative David Stover to support his desire to see the Board of Regents turned into an elected body.
  • Segment 3: This Week in Religious Liberty. Stefan can’t keep track of the Pastor, Pasture, or Pasteur Protection Act.  Jon talks about Speaker David Ralston going to the House well to make an impassioned speech to take up the Pastor Protection Act and then move on to issues that Georgia faces.  Charlie talks about the exchange of choice words reported by news outlets between Senator Josh McKoon and a member of the Speaker’s staff.
  • Segment 4: This Week in Presidential Politics: On the Republican side: Trump is a winner this week after being a loser last week.  Jeb(!) spends *a lot* of money for not much in return.  Cruz doesn’t help himself by being the perpetual victim.  Kasich is taking the John Huntsman approach (because that worked well).  Rubio picks up former GAGOP state chairman and former national committeeman Alec Poitevint and probably is still has the best position to pick up the nomination. Hillary Clinton wiped her server…err….her race for president in NH to start fresh.  Stefan talks more about the Democratic coronation…I mean, nomination.

That’s all for this week’s episode of GeorgiaPol Radio.  Special thanks to Sully for allowing Charlie, Jon, and Stefan hijack an hour of his show to talk about politics in the state of Georgia.  You can listen to GeorgiaPol Radio every Friday on The Sully Show at noon on WGST 640 AM around the Atlanta area or anywhere on our Blue Marble where you have an Internet connection from your web browser or the iHeartRadio app.

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