WGST GeorgiaPol Radio – Hot & Cold Edition

It’s Valentine’s Weekend, There’s a potential Icepocalypse coming on President’s Day, and the chill that you feel isn’t coming from a Polar Vortex but from under Georgia’s Gold Dome. How’s that for a backdrop to an hour of GeorgiaPol Radio on WGST?

It’s the mid-point of the General Assembly session and usually that’s when things start to get heated. And because many of the issues are….not metric driven, the issues become quickly personal. Name calling has ensued. We’ll discuss.

There shall be policy with the name calling, however, so we’re likely to also talk about the Board of Regents and various plans to reign in their power and/or spending. We’ll have our customary “This week in Religious Freedom” discussion where I will again ask if I’m still allowed to attend the church of my choice this Sunday and then practice what I believe the rest of the week.

And we’ll dive into post-New Hampshire Presidential Politics. Does Hillary still have that reset button? Cause I think she needs it and the GOP just pressed it.

That’s a start. Actual discussion may vary. Tune in at noon on 640AM, or listen live right here.


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