WGST GeorgiaPol Radio – First In The Nation Edition

We haven’t chatted Presidential Politics during our weekly show in a while. We’re going to make up for that today.

Iowa has turned the theoretical into actual votes, and New Hampshire will further help frame the campaign from a reality show to a real election. The field is narrowing, the one time presumed front runner is asking a handful of people to “please clap” for him, and the reality TV star was Iowa’s biggest loser.

As we look to next week’s vote in New Hampshire, we’re going to bring a bit of local perspective to you. Grant Bosse, Editorial Page Editor for the Manchester Union Leader (twitter @GrantBosse) will join us during the first half hour to help us understand what happens this week as voters get serious about their First In The Nation primary votes.

We’ll get Stefan’s take on Hillary’s first place tie and see if it’s time to change the entire narrative that it’s the GOP that has both an “establishment is handpicking our nominee” meme, as well ask between Trump and Bernie, which party is most likely to nominate someone that isn’t actually one of their own?

Jon, Stefan, Me, Sully and Grant Bosse. That’s at least where we’ll start. We’ll we go depends on….we never really know. Listen live at 640AM starting at noon, or follow this link right here.


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