GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 3 for January 29, 2016: God, Guns, and Gold

It’s that time again! It’s time for GeorgiaPol Radio. Okay, not the live version (which you can hear every Friday at noon on WGST), but the downloadable, listen-on-demand version of GeorgiaPol Radio is here for your listening pleasure.

Charlie Harper, Stefan Turkheimer, and Jon Richards borrow the airwaves on Rich “Sully” Sullivan’s show to discuss what’s going on in Georgia politics. ┬áHere’s what they talked about this week:

Segment 1: Charlie and Stefan discuss the Opportunity School District amendment on the ballot this November and talk about the ramifications for some Democratic leaders who are supportive of the initiative.

Segment 2: George Chidi’s article about the “Creflo Dollar Highway”, a bill by State Senator Donzella James, gets discussed by Stefan and Charlie. Charlie and Jon talk about Debbie Dooley’s radio interview on another radio station and asking questions about who was funding her move to Ellijay to lead the charge to defeat Speaker David Ralston in the ’14 GOP Primary…since she’s always saying “follow the money”.

Segment 3: Medical marijuana! Talk of Representative Allen Peake’s, who has been spearheading the initiative for medical marijuana in Georgia, bill to grow marijuana for medical purposes in Georgia and Governor Nathan Deal’s being backed into a corner about it. RFRA! Jon, Charlie, and Stefan talk about the bill that was introduced by Representative Ed Setzler in the House and how this version would have satisifed everyone….last year. Now the goal posts have moved.

Segment 4: Another armed robbery at the Georgia State library (a posted gun-free zone) has brought back the debate on campus-carry. Then, changing gears from guns to Representative Tommy Benton’s bills protect Confederate monuments and memorals and his comments that compare Senator Vincent Fort to ISIS and defense of the Klan. Mmkay.

That wraps up this week’s edition of GeorgiaPol Radio. As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to take over the air on Sully’s show every Friday. ┬áTune in next Friday for GeorgiaPol Radio on The Sully Show at 12 noon on WGST 640AM in the Atlanta metro area or listen (mostly) anywhere on planet Earth on the Interwebs or from your iHeartRadio app.

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