WGST GeorgiaPol Radio – 1-29-16 Edition

Today on WGST’s Sully Show we’ll get our usual hour starting at noon.

Jon Richards and Stefan Turkheimer will join me to break down this week in Georgia Politics, and start to look ahead as real battles are finally starting to shape up.

The politics of the Opportunity School District are alive an well, even though the legislation to enable it has already passed.  It’s not just the General Assembly that’s in session, but qualifying begins in a few weeks.  Apparently there’s a few threats to primary some Dems who represented the wishes of their constituents instead of the organized teachers associations that told them to vote no.  We’ll ask Stefan to elaborate.  And if this same effort should be applied to the US Senate race that still seems to be officially uncontested.

Things are getting ugly in the legislature with fingers being pointed at the Governor for blocking legislation that would allow growing marijuana here in Georgia, and not allowing cannabidiol oil to be brought here from other states.  Except that this isn’t just a state law that stops this.  What’s the holdup really about, and where does this issue go next?  We’ll discuss.

We’ll likely venture into the industry of fleecing the true believers.  We had the post earlier this week that discussed at least one Tea Party Leader’s monetization of her brand, and the minister that believes God wants him to have a $65 Million dollar jet may get a road thrown in for free. Matthew 21:12 may  be quoted.

Other issues:  Iowa caucuses, GOP Debate, GUNS!, EVEN MORE RELIGOUS LIBERTY!, GUNS!, and maybe even horse racing and casinos. All of this is up for grabs.  We’ll see what actually makes it to air starting at noon.

Tune in to 640AM, or listen live right here.

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I responded to a 5-6 question phone survey last night by an anonymous ‘news organization’ regarding horse racing in the state. Does that issue really have legs this session? (Sorry.)