Isakson Speaks at State House

Senator Johnny Isakson gave a good-natured and mostly non-partisan speech before the Georgia House of Representatives today. Noting his own 14 years of service as a state representative, he greeted old colleagues and noted that “[Representative Calvin Smyre] is older than most of the statues on the front lawn.”

His three-and-a-half minute speech focused on federal-state partnerships “where it’s appropriate.” Isakson praised Gen. Jarrard, Adjutant-General of the Georgia National Guard, reminding members that all of Georgia’s Guardsmen save the military band served at least one tour in Afghanistan or Iraq at the height of those wars. “We could not have won the victory we won in Iraq and we could not win what we are now winning in Afghanistan were it not for the National Guard and in particular the Georgia National Guard,” he said.

Isakson said Georgia “plays the most critical role of any state in the country in our national defense,” name-checking attention on forces at Fort Benning and Fort Stuart. Particular attention was paid to the Cyber Security Command at Fort Gordon, “the single largest investment we have made in our infrastructure in years.”

Finally, Senator Isakson lauded the decision by the General Assembly and Governor Deal to forward-fund the first two years of the deepening of the Port of Savannah. Isakson recounted the last conversation he had with Vice President Biden, in which Biden promised to deliver the funds “come hell or high water.” The senator closed by thanking the audience for the chance to serve “our greatest state, the state of Georgia.”

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