What Do You Want?

No, this isn’t a post about what makes you outraged and the “one thing that will save America”.

This is a post asking what you want out of this site?

Consider it a limited open thread to the general topic of GeorgiaPol.com:

1) Are there technical features you would like (keeping in mind this is and will remain a shoe string operation)?

2) What content would you like to see?

3) What should be avoided?

These are very broad and general questions on purpose. This is a site in progress. For it to be relevant it always will be. But now that we at least have the lights on, we can start at least considering the tweaks both on the platform side and the content side that get us closer to whatever it is that we’re going to be.

Also while this should be a separate post, give a shout out to the IT team. The site looks great and the glitches have been minor and quite controllable. This doesn’t happen by accident, and is something that is well beyond my skill set. The quality of this effort needs to be recognized.


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