Author: TheDeepDark

Morning Reads – December 19, 2018

Lets get the most important piece of news out of the way first: Everyone can remain calm, the Red Eyed Mule has found a new home. First German born Georgia State Represenative will be sworn in for HD50. RIP DeKalb Police Officer Edgar Flores. Dark money funding pseudo-lobbyist/activist, say it isn’t so. What’s the Georgia

Morning Reads – December 5, 2018

Well, it is the day after again… The R’s pull out a victory with low turnout. Guess that SoS and PSC don’t have the same draw as Governor… results here. President George Herbert Walker Bush’s service at the National Cathedral will begin at 10AM today. You can watch it here. On Saturday, your Atlanta United

Morning Reads for Wednesday, October 24

Since you didn’t win the lottery, here are some stories to keep your mind off the new Audi you still can’t afford: The 97th meeting of Georgia /Florida is coming up Saturday, here are some highlights of great Georgia wins. Wellstar Cobb Hospital turns 50. Research comes in handy sometimes… even if it’s just art.