Cowan: Greene Skipped E-Verify Use As Construction Company Exec

From a press release:

Continuing the comedy routine that is her congressional campaign, Marjorie Taylor Greene published a letter on Wednesday that confirms she refused to use E-Verify at her company from 2003-2010 when she was listed in state documents as CFO. Greene sent a letter seeking to silence John Cowan’s new campaign ad that exposes the truth about her failing record on stopping illegal immigration as a self-described business executive.

Greene’s letter states: “Contrary to your accusations, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security records establish that Taylor Commercial, Inc. has, in truth and fact, used E-Verify since 2010” and a search of the Homeland Security site shows “the registration date of 08/04/2010, with no termination date shown.”

Yes, exactly. In a response to Greene, Cowan’s attorney Bryan Tyson brings down the hammer:

“Contrary to your assertions that the advertisement ‘falsely asserted that Taylor Commercial, Inc. was not found under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify website,’ the advertisement actually states — correctly — that Taylor Commercial did not use E-Verify while Ms. Greene was involved in leading the company. You concede this is correct, because your letter notes that Taylor Commercial began using E-Verify on August 4, 2010. 

“Ms. Greene says on her campaign website that she purchased Taylor Commercial in 2002. And as you agree in your letter, Taylor Commercial did not enroll in E-Verify until August 4, 2010 (the E-Verify website indicates another enrollment for Taylor Commercial in June 2013). 

“In its 2010 annual registration with the Secretary of State, Taylor Commercial listed Ms. Greene as its CFO—clearly a role of leadership within the company. But in its 2011 annual registration, it replaced Ms. Greene with William Ross Haynes. Ms. Greene is removed from all leadership roles within Taylor Commercial based on this 2011 filing and does not appear in subsequent annual registrations until 2019, when Taylor Commercial amended its annual registration to report Ms. Greene was now the Secretary as she began her Congressional campaign in another district.

“As a result, the statement that Taylor Commercial did not use E-Verify while Ms. Greene was leading the company is factually correct based on filings by Taylor Commercial with the Secretary of State. Your letter confirms the truthfulness of this statement.”

Cowan for Congress campaign manager Spencer Hogg said Greene’s baseless protests represent a well-established pattern for her campaign.

“Whenever her political opponents tell the truth about Marjorie Greene, she responds with bullying efforts to silence them — even threatening private citizens and campaign volunteers,” said Hogg. “These are the exact same Cancel Culture tactics used by the Left to attack free speech they don’t like. Perhaps she would play nicer in the sandbox if our supporters spun conspiracy theories — she tends to like those — rather than tell documented facts. John Cowan will tell the truth about Marjorie, just as he’ll stand up to Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats in Congress.”

See full letter from Cowan’s attorney Bryan Tyson. 


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