Morning Reads – Wednesday, July 10, 2019

If you aren’t watching Stranger Things, you are missing out on an amazing series. Just watch it.

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Mr. Bear

In the category of “:Things You Don’t Think About”, the color School Bus Yellow dates back to 1939:

Blissfully, there is no apparent controversy about this.


i very much enjoyed the 3rd season of stranger things…it’s one of the best shows available…those kids are great actors, the 80’s nostalgia hits just right for someone my age, the story moves fast and keeps you on your toes…the only thing i hate is that with 8 or 9 episode seasons, it’s over in just a couple of days…


Here’s one for all the lawyers, engineers, builders, software writers and government types among us…

Basically, who’s building code is this anyway…


I do not think I would want to live in New Orleans; a hurricane is on the way. Look at this video of a man swimming across Canal St.