We warned you…

I warned you. The others warned you. Now you guys have screwed it up for everyone else… which is how it seems to go everywhere.

Morning Reads are going to remain open threads… for now. We have culled three of the worst offenders. Two of them didn’t think before they posted. The third didn’t learn to ignore them, after being asked to multiple times.

We can, and will, cull more if we need to. We like opinions. We like a spirited debate. What we don’t like is threadjacking, proselytizing, and people pretending their words don’t have reprocussions. If you don’t like something, ignore it. If it is offensive and demeaning, send us a note through the tip line. I don’t want a note every time your thin skin starts to itch, only if there is blood.

If you feel that your culling is without merit, let us know why… through the tip line. If you don’t give us clear reasons, or just rehash what we have already told you about it will be ignored.

Basically, stop being assholes to each other. This isn’t the AJC comment section, we can and will get rid of it. Even if it means shutting everything down.


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