Statements On President Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration

In looking through the Hazmat Unit’s inbox, I see the following three statements from members of the Georgia congressional delegation. I’ll post others in the comments section as I receive them and am available to do so.

Senator David Perdue:

“We are at war with ISIS and our previous president refused to put a plan in place to deal with this threat. We know terrorist groups have identified our country’s refugee system as a weakness and have purposed to exploit this program to their advantage. The first responsibility of any American President is to protect American citizens. This temporary pause will allow DHS to ensure the vetting process is improved. America will always be a compassionate country, and President Trump is taking action to protect all of our citizens.”

This is a temporary suspension for 120-days to improve the refugee vetting process and 90-days on individuals coming from seven countries President Obama previously identified as national security concerns: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

9th District Congressman Doug Collins:

“Protecting the people of the United States remains the top priority of its leaders, and thoughtful vigilance on this front has made our nation a beacon of hope to people throughout the world. It is possible to welcome refugees to our country while maintaining robust national security measures, and it is time to restore balance to this relationship by evaluating our entry processes in light of credible threats to our citizens.

“The executive order allows re-entry to lawful permanent residents and does not represent a comprehensive ban on entry to people from certain countries. In this temporary measure, President Trump has given us the opportunity to get refugee policy right going forward.”

12th District Congressman Rick Allen:

“First and foremost we must protect our homeland— the executive order does that— and keeps Americans safe until the legislative branch can reform our visa process and the vetting of refugees. Last Congress the House passed a very similar piece of legislation, the American SAFE Act, which passed with bipartisan support and a veto-proof majority. I am hopeful that cases affecting travelers when the executive order was announced will be resolved soon.”


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