Consumers lose again in D.C. Circuit Court

judicial overreach
Today, the D.C. Circuit Court upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to regulate Internet Service Providers. Reaction from Georgia’s 9th District Congressman Doug Collins was swift and to the point.

“Today’s Circuit Court ruling is a blow to internet freedom, and Congressional authority. Federal agencies should not be allowed to rewrite the law to suit political whims, and it is concerning to see the Court uphold this kind of power grab. This is another example of courts ceding authority to agencies, interpreting the law in a way that favors agency authority over the Separation of Powers. Rather than emboldening the FCC to continue its attempts to stifle innovation in competitive fairness under the false narrative of fairness, I will continue working to rein in the FCC, stimulate competition, and fight for American consumers.”

Congressman Collins has long engaged with Internet Service Provider Windstream to improve its customer service in rural areas of its service footprint. This issue coupled with the overreach of Washington bureaucrats and the judicial branch usurping legislative authorities continues to touch the nerves of 9th District voters. See Congressman Collins complete press release


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