House Responds to Healthcare Veto

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted on a measure opposing President Obama’s recent veto of the Restoring American’s Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act.

In a vote of 241-186, the House Democrats blocked the bill from passing. It included measures to defund Planned Parenthood and essentially end Obamacare.

Following the vote, House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06) released a statement:

President Obama has defied the will of a majority of Americans and ignored their voices by insisting on a law that is destructive to the health of our people and our economy. As the actions of Congress have made clear, the president is the only person standing in the way of patient-centered solutions. We will be the ones standing on the side of the American people continuing this important fight to ensure patients, families and doctors are the ones making medical decisions, not Washington. We will defend the will of the people against an intrusive and arrogant Washington bureaucracy while championing solutions that will expand access to quality, affordable health care choices for all Americans.

Despite the outcome, Rep. Graves (R-GA-14) is optimistic:

“While the fact that Democrats successfully blocked this measure is bad news, there is a silver lining,” said Rep. Graves. “The good news is that, by putting legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare on the president’s desk, the Republican-controlled Congress has shown that Planned Parenthood can be defunded and Obamacare can be repealed, all we need is a new president who will sign the legislation into law.

With less than 300 days until the next presidential election, the Republican-controlled Congress is earnestly hoping for an outcome in their favor.

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Tom Price says that “the president is the only person standing in the way of patient-centered solutions.” However, the GOP controlled house, led by Price’s good friend Speaker Paul Ryan, still hasn’t taken up Price’s Obamacare replacement bill, which is the only one the GOP has. So there’s at least one additional person standing in the way.