House Votes To Punish Iran By Restraining Sanctions Relief

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act (HR 3662). This bill strengthens congressional oversight of U.S. economic and trade sanctions against Iran, specifically over financiers of Iranian terrorism. It prohibits the administration from lifting sanctions related to destabilizing activities, such as its ballistic missile program. This legislation comes after Iran recently test fired ballistic missiles in the last few months.

Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) released this statement on why he voted to punish Iran:

“Yet again, we are seeing the consequences of President Obama’s failed foreign policy,” said Rep. Graves. “In the absence of strong American leadership in the world, tyrannical regimes feel empowered to act out. They must be held accountable. While the president turns a blind eye, Congress is again taking the lead to ensure Iran pays for its actions.”

HR 3662 will block the President from offering sanctions relief to an individual or bank until it is certified that the entity has not conducted significant transactions with terrorist organizations or the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and that it has not supported Iran’s ballistic missile or conventional weapons programs.

It will also prohibit the U.S. from lifting Iran’s designation as a “Jurisdiction of Primary Money Laundering Concern” until it is certified that the Iran government no longer supports terrorism, weapons of massdestruction, or is engaging in illicit financial activities.

Another supporter of HR 3662, Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA-07), issued the following statement:

“From the beginning, U.S. sanctions placed on the Iranian government served the necessary purpose of disrupting its state-sponsored support of terrorism – and following President Obama’s nuclear agreement offering relief from these very sanctions – it is crucial that we be absolutely certain no institution or individual involved in the sponsorship of terrorism is benefitting from this action. The bill passed by the House today gives Congress and the American people the oversight and transparency needed to monitor the process and requires the Administration demonstrate with clarity that no additional resources will be made available to any organization directly or indirectly supporting terrorism. The Iranian government has shown itself untrustworthy through its actions, and it is the responsibility of its leaders to demonstrate otherwise.”


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