Georgia Prepares for Primary: Registration Numbers Soaring

Set for March 1st in Georgia, the presidential primary is fast approaching. Today is the deadline for Georgians to register to vote in the primary.

Georgia residents in Gwinnett County especially have been taking action by registering to vote in significantly increased numbers. The Gwinnett Daily Post has quite a lot to say about the increase in voter registration in an article featuring Elections Director Lynn Ledford:

[according to Ledford, Gwinnett County] has seen an average of about 1,000 or more new registered voters a day over the last week and a half. As of Thursday, the county had 485,940 voters who are eligible to participate in the March 1 primary.

Statewide, elections officials are seeing an increase in voter registrations as the deadline approaches, according to Ledford. She said Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office sent out a notice to local elections offices across the state that on one day alone recently, the state saw 12,000 new voters registered.

In the article, Ledford also provides resources for those needing to register. Registration is available at the Georgia Secretary of State website. Those who have personal records on file with the state through a driver’s license may register online directly. Residents without the necessary records on file must register by mail. Ledford also recommends that voters check Georgia’s My Voter Page (MVP) website page for election information.

With twelve Republican candidates and three Democratic candidates in the running, this election is the first in eight years to lack an incumbent presidential candidate.


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