Vernon Jones’ Residency Challenge And Cry For Attention

Rep. Vernon Jones (D-Slimeball) has carried a cloud of controversy over Georgia politics for 20 years with no signs of letting up. Today he endorsed President Trump (R-Slimeball) perhaps for all their similarities: ALLEGED sexual assault, being unfit for public office, rampant attention whoring.. I mean, you name it and they’re peas in a pod!

The Ethics of Vernon Jones

Vernon Jones’ return to the capitol didn’t have a political honeymoon so much as it had an armistice. Jones sent a signal of sorts at the inauguration of Michael Thurmond. Present for the festivities was Sharon Barnes-Sutton, who had just lost her seat to Steve Bradshaw, becoming the first commissioner in two decades to lose

Morning Reads For Monday August 24th

Good morning. I’m filling in for Theresa this morning to bring you a few articles of note: Georgia Covid update: 1800 new cases Sunday. 33 new deaths reported statewide in the last 24 hours. 83% of the state’s critical care beds are full. (Edit: Despite being on the CL-E’s front web page this morning, this

DeKalb Ethics Board Member Resigns In Protest Of Legislative Attack

Scott Bonder, a DeKalb County commercial litigation attorney serving on the newly-constituted board of ethics, resigned yesterday in protest of legislative changes proposed this year. House members advanced a bill to change the appointment process for the board, in anticipation of a court ruling in a lawsuit by former county commissioner Sharon Barnes-Sutton that may

Stonecrest Election Gets Dirty In Last Days

Elections for the new city of Stonecrest started off with a curious, interesting dispute over the age of a city council candidate, and have devolved over time into one of the ugliest political races DeKalb County has had in quite a while. And yes, that’s saying something. Mystery mailers — a staple of DeKalb politics

The Return of Burrell Ellis

I am imagining the moment Burrell Ellis walks back into his old office as DeKalb CEO once again, reinstated with three weeks left in his term in office, after eight months in stir and a year of appeal time to contemplate just where to stick the shiv. How easy might it be for him to