Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 27

Good morning! Spring is in full bloom, and the preliminary census numbers are in!

  • At least part of why Kelly Loeffler lost the Senate runoff is because rural white Republicans stayed home on Runoff Day.
  • The Stone Mountain Park CEO announced changes to how the Confederacy is commemorated at the Park — and why these changes are “unlikely to make anyone happy.
  • A major portion of the cuts necessary to extricate the remains of the Golden Ray from the waters off of St. Simons Island is complete, and the job is now 3/7 of the way done
  • The cost — and demographics — of the proposed Buckhead City. (Real talk: the nascent city obviously cannot be named the City of Buckhead, as that city already exists. But — sorry, not sorry — “Buckhead City” sounds like the name of a north Atlanta outpost of Magic City.)
  • Former Congressman Doug Collins ruled out a 2022 run for either Governor or the United States Senate. Undoubtedly causing several Georgia politicos to release a long exhale.
  • The importance of casual friendships and “weak ties,” and how we’ve lost those things during the pandemic.


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