Morning Reads for National Dogs in Politics Day (September 23)

Good morning! Did you know there was actually a day to honor all of the dogs who have served as First Dog of the United States? It’s true, and it’s today! So, I’d like to thank Grits and Lewis Brown Carter; Lucky, Rex, Victory, Peggy, Taca, and Fuzzy Reagan; Millie and Ranger Bush; Buddy Clinton; Spotty, Barney, and Miss Beazley Bush; and Bo and Sunny Obama for making politics a little less serious and a lot more fun during my lifetime. Especially Barney. I loved Barney Cams!

Actually, what prompted National Dogs in Politics Day is that it’s the anniversary of Richard Nixon’s “Checkers Speech.” (Poor Checkers.)

With that fun fact revealed, let’s get on with the news:

Pat Conroy

Alice Walker

Flannery O’Connor


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