Biden”Very Seriously” Vetting Bottoms, Abrams “Not A Priority”

In Sunday’s New York Times we moved to a new stage of uncertainty about the Veepstakes, but it appears Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is in the top tier of hopefuls.

The paper said 13 women are being vetted by Joe Biden and he hopes to make a decision by August 1.

It appears Mayor Bottoms’ steadfast support of Biden even when he seemed down and out is part of the reason she remains a leading pick.

Bottoms shortcoming: “her short time in high office could be an obstacle.” (I mean, she’s served more time than a failed-reality TV star conman but whatever).

Abrams’ lack of a relationship with Biden seems to be holding her back as Abrams’ resume.

Until we have a Veep selection I will continue my meaningless Monday Veepstakes updates!

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12 days ago

Will she accept the results and concede to Bottoms if Biden elects Bottoms?

12 days ago
Reply to  chefdavid

Naw, that;s only in the case of a former SOS who controlled the election while running for governor. He closed dozens of polling places used by black Georgians. He accused the Democrats of hacking the SOS website after they warned him of several vulnerabilities and the subsequent SOS said a year of investigation showed it was bullshit. And that former SOS made it very hard to obtain a mail in ballot. Plus he purged 349,000 voters in July 2018, He only won by 50,000 votes. Ms.Abrams is right to be suspicious of a man more crooked than the Satilla River,… Read more »

11 days ago

Rumor has it Trump will drop out and let Pence pardon him of any crimes. Pence vs Biden.

Donald Trump may drop out of the 2020 presidential race if he believes he has no chance of winning, a Republican Party operative reportedly told Fox News.

The claim comes in a report in the president’s favourite news outlet that cites a number of GOP insiders who are concerned about Mr Trump’s re-election prospects amid abysmal polling numbers.”

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