Record-Setting Day Of New Coronavirus Cases

On June 23 there were 1,872 new coronavirus cases in Georgia. That broke the record of 1,598 on April 7. (Maybe the only good news is the seven-day average of new deaths is, near-ish to it’s lowest point since the outbreak began in earnest?)

You will recall, the day after setting the new-cases peak in April, the collective will of our state’s political leadership was spurred into action to combat the spread of Covid-19.

By Memorial Day we decided: “eh, we’ve had enough.”

Since May 27, 713 Georgians have died of Coronavirus out of a total of 2,646.

For comparison’s sake: either 1,581 or 1,125 Georgians died during the Vietnam War.

We really need to be ashamed of ourselves.

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17 days ago

Hey Ed… can you tell us the number of tests conducted on April 7th and June 23rd? How about the number of hospitalizations between May 27th and now compared to the same time period previous to May 27th? How many of those that died past May 27th had been hospitalized before May 27th? Thanks.

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