All Aboard the Atlanta-to-Boston Train Via Charlotte (Possibly…some day in the future)

Of the three routes under consideration to link Atlanta to Charlotte, only one should be considered.

That’s Greenfield route. It would cost between $6 billion and $8 billion, have by far the shortest time between termini and also serve the highest number of passengers. Is there really reason to spend double that amount for a slower route or go cheapest and waste $2 billion for a route that wouldn’t be quicker than driving and serve virtually no one? Exactly.

Your friendly neighborhood federal government wants to know how much you agree with me, having an open house tonight in Atlanta, tomorrow in Greenville, SC and Thursday in Charlotte.

For now, exact routes, costs and most importantly funding mechanisms are TBD for the Southeast High-Speed Rail Corridor. Eventually, the government hopes that corridor will link up with lines traveling all the way to Boston.

Undoubtedly a massive rail project is part of the “elusive solutions for expanded regional transit”. Is this the one? I don’t know but missing from any paeans to our roadways is that the only true solution is fewer cars on the road.


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