The Reefer Madness Sweeping Georgia: Semi-Weed Legalization

Who’d’ve thunk Kemp’s hemp law would lead to much of Georgia radically reforming marijuana enforcement. Looking at the recent news it’s time to start seriously thinking full-scale legalization as nearly 1/3 of Georgia will have laxer weed laws.

Dekalb County today became the third metro county in a week to say they will no longer prosecute low-level pot offenses. But let’s not forget similar timely news from other god-forgetting locales like: Athens (shocking), Richmond County, and Murray/Whitfield counties.

In a statement to The AJC, Dekalb solicitor general Donna Coleman-Stribling said:

“Marijuana charges are often submitted in conjunction with other charges, thus it is necessary to continue to review each case. However, at this time, we will not proceed with any single-count marijuana cases occurring after the passage of this new law.”

Gwinnett got things kicked off on Aug. 8 and Cobb made their announcement on Tuesday.

The City of Atlanta decriminalized marijuana as did Savannah, Macon-Bibb Count and Clarkston. The City of Chamblee said in late July it’s considering legalization.

At this point, what’s the harm?

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there is a documentary by that name that shows why this is a bad idea…


From a posting by Charlie back in May: In my rural county, at least one third of the weekly newpaper’s sheriff report involve marijuana arrests and one third involves cocaine or meth. That’s a big revenue stream for law enforcement. If you hand over less than an ounce of marijuana without them searching your car, the fine is about $100. If they have to search (based mainly on the smell), it is a felony, which probably costs the government money. When hemp is being grown around here (once the licenses are issued), then I imagine the arrests will have… Read more »

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Trump up (pun intended) a dealing aspect, and a car or other property can be seized at almost no expense.


I am all for legalization. I know a lot of other republicans that have been as well. It’s past time. I can see democrats using this against republicans in swing districts.