District 28 – Curiouser and Curiouser

As the race to decide who will represent District 28 heads towards its third election attempt with an April 9 date, a new twist has emerged. Incumbent Representative Dan Gasaway lost the initial May primary race but errors in the District boundaries caused a second election in December. Gasaway also lost that race but the margin was smaller. Representative Gasaway filed suit after the December redo and the Judge ruled in his favor ordering the upcoming third attempt on April 9th election.

In turn his opponent Chris Erwin and the three Boards of Election in District 28 filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court which has yet to be heard.

Gasaway saw this action as “frivolous litigation” and filed a motion against his opponent Chris Erwin and the Habersham County Board of Elections seeking to recover more than $90,000 in attorney fees.

As reported by Chamian Cruz of The Northeast Georgian, reaction was swift with Habersham County Commission Chair Stacy Hall explaining that “Simply put, you don’t sue those you wish to serve…his desire to win is greater than his desire to serve.”

Gasaway’s opponent, Chris Erwin, had the following reaction: “As a result of his lawsuits, Dan has ensured that the taxpayers of this district are unrepresented. What Dan is proposing is double taxation, without representation.”

While we expect to have a decision on the District 28 representation by April 9th, the lawsuits may take longer to resolve. Stay tuned.


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