An Southern Election Story

Many American holidays have stories, movies, or songs we will alway connected to them.  I’m ready to see The Christmas Story on repeat this season.  How about you?

In 2017, VICE News covered a non-fiction American story that takes place in the 1920’s, the year women first secured the right to vote.  The story is not necessarily pretty, but it is more enthralling than anything on Netflix.

The story is about a small town in Georgia’s sister state, Ocoee, Florida.  The tale of a two day bloodbath includes the very foundation of American principles.  It should stand as a reminder of why all Americans have a duty to exercise our right to vote no matter your party affiliation.

I don’t want to give away the story so eloquently written by Deborah Douglas but let me give you a preview so you will read it to the end.  This story includes a man and his gun trying to protect his family against a blood thirsty mob, a government supported militia that exhibits why the 2nd Amendment exist, and the perseverance of people who died for a constitutionally guaranteed right.  This story is an example of how far we have matured as a country.  Read and share.

Every election season Americans should tell this story as a reminder of why we must exercise our right to vote and aggressively protect the right to vote for our fellow Americans.  Check it out here.


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