Hudgens Endorses Jay Florence To Succeed Him As Insurance Commissioner

Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens, has endorsed Jay Florence in the race to succeed him. Hudgens declined to run for a third term this year. The press release by Hudgens (distributed by the Florence campaign) follows:

Fellow Conservatives,

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Jay Florence for Insurance Commissioner.

Jay is a strong conservative with the right experience and a proven track record of real accomplishment. He has worked with me to combat insurance fraud and oppose President Obama’s takeover of our health insurance system.

As an Enforcement Attorney, Legislative Liaison, and Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Insurance, Jay Florence proved that he is a conservative and an effective leader.

Jay has raised almost seven times as much as his next closest competitor in the Republican primary. He has garnered support from people all across this State, and I hope you will join me in supporting him and voting for him in the Republican Primary on May 22nd!


Ralph T. Hudgens
Insurance Commissioner
State of Georgia

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
2 years ago

A Hudgens endorsement ought to the kiss of death,.

“I’ve let the insurance industry walk all over citizens and couldn’t administer a budget, and Jay Florence can take up where I’m leaving off.”

“Commissioner silent as car insurance rates soar – Georgia again has nation’s highest increase”–regional-govt–politics/commissioner-silent-car-insurance-rates-soar/WaerOb6LMjPyiT7WXWetVL/

“Audit: Georgia insurance office went overboard on raises, hiring”:–regional-govt–politics/audit-georgia-insurance-office-went-overboard-raises-hiring/YmR27xIysxDPcDSby73fmM/

2 years ago

Besides running up bills at Krispy Kreme (and he’s not the only one!) what has Ralph Hudgens ever done?

So by him not running, again NOT doing anything substantial, is this a great example of addition by subtraction?

Will Durant
Will Durant
2 years ago

About the best that could be said of him is he wasn’t The Ox®. Which is faint praise at the pianissimo level. Georgia deserves better. But this is a role guaranteed to be controlled by the companies that they ostensibly regulate.

2 years ago
Reply to  Will Durant

Hey, I have news for you…when I needed help with a complaint against my health insurer, Ox’s office was very responsive and quite helpful. They actually helped me find better insurance that I didnt even know I was qualified to apply for. He might have fallen from grace at a later time, but my dealings with the office he ran were quite positive. Hudgens is an embarrassment to humanity. I think he is about the worst of the worst as far as GA politicians go…and thats saying something

2 years ago

Well I endorse Cindy Zeldin. She’s running as a Dem but she is an advocate for people. All people.
So if you think Georgia’s insurance industry is being properly regulated, I guess former Deputy Insurance Commissioner Florence knows how to grease the gears and pull the levers.

If you want someone who has dedicated her life to protecting consumers, consider Cindy Zeldin.

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