Republican Governors Association: Stacey Whoever is Wrong for Georgia #gagop

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) has gone on the offensive against both Democratic gubernatorial candidates Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans. They have launched a radio ad and a digital campaign highlighting the two Stacey’s support for tax hikes and big government programs.

The RGA has a website set up at that will be a hub for the digital campaign. You can also listen to the radio ad there.

RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson:

“If elected, Stacey Whoever has made it clear that they would back a far-left agenda that includes more big government spending and tax hikes on Georgians. In the midst of a divisive and nasty Democrat primary, one thing is clear: Stacey Whoever is wrong for Georgia.”


Lady 1 (L1): Hey did you hear about that liberal Democrat running for governor?

Lady 2 (L2): No, who?

L1: Stacey… Stacey something.

L2: Well what about her?

L1: Well she’s a real liberal.

L2: Really?

L1: Yeah. State Representative from up around Atlanta.

L2: Oh great, another politician.

L1: Stacey was for Hillary.

L2: Uh-oh, that says a lot right there.

L1: Well, she’s a fancy lawyer too from what I’ve heard.

L2: Who? Stacey?

L1: Yeah, made a load of money off of it.

L2: Well not surprising, a lawyer, a politician, sounds about right.

L1: Stacey is pushing for more big government programs.

L2: Let me guess, she supported higher taxes too?

L1: Yep, even wants to expand Obamacare.

L2: And make us pay for it, how about that?

L1: Just what we need, another politician taking more of our money.

L2: You said her name is Stacey right?

L1: Yep.

L2: Stacey who?

L1: Uhh… I can’t remember now, it’ll come to me.

L2: Oh well, it doesn’t matter, Stacey whoever is wrong for Georgia.


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