11Alive Poll: Norwood at 28%, Bottoms at 15%

The only real news from the latest 11Alive poll on the Atlanta Mayoral race is that we appear to have a two-woman race shaping up.

Mary Norwood continues to lead in the polls with 28% of those polled supporting her, while Keisha Lance Bottoms is clawing her way up to a firm second place with 15%. Cesar Mitchell at 10% is the only other candidate in double digits.

Getting into some speculation now…

Fourteen percent of the surveyed who are likely to vote remain undecided which seems a bit low considering there’s too many candidates for anyone to really make a name for themselves.

When the runoff happens, Mitchell won’t back Bottoms, AKA Mayor Reed Part II considering the Reed-Mitchell blood feud ongoing. Peter Aman I bet throws his weight behind Norwood, leading to a possible 17-point swing for Norwood. I also doubt Fort’s people will go to the presumed-Republican Norwood, giving Bottoms another seven percent of voters. So we’re still treading water waiting to see if anyone does anything big before election day.

As the story notes: this poll was conducted before the successful Kwanza-Hall-led effort to semi-decriminalize pot in Atlanta and Bernie Sanders stumped for Vincent Fort.

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