Is Johnny Isakson Losing Faith in Donald Trump?

Johnny Isakson sat down with The Marietta Daily Journal recently and reading between the lines, he appears to have a growing unease with U.S. President Donald Trump.

The most telling exchange came when Isakson was asked about Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military.

Quote Isakson (emphasis added):

“That came out of left field. We had already dealt with that issue in the Congress. I don’t know what the president — he must have run out of things to do that morning...I’m going to wait ‘til the generals tell us what to do. They’re the ones that know.”


Saying the President doesn’t know policy is pretty harsh.

Another example of what could be seen as disappointment with the President was Isakson’s response to the White House turnover:

“You need stability if you’re running any business, whether it’s the presidency or a manufacturing company or anything else. The longer you have turnover, the more uncertainty you’re going to have, so hopefully, things will settle down, the president will get a team he can count on and he’ll be more stable.

Emphasis added again. For a man as measured as Isakson, this is about as big a bomb as you will get. 

Isakson brusquely ended the notion that he might endorse any 2018 gubernatorial hopefuls saying:  “I’ve got my own race to run. Let them run theirs.”

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2 years ago

There are a lot of less costly issues involving medical maintenance that keep folks out of the military.

2 years ago

He has his “own race to run?” He is not up again for 5 years, in 2022, and probably given his Parkinsons, unlikely he will run again anyway. So I guess the “nothing (politically) to lose” status now when it comes to Trump.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
2 years ago

Pols are motivated by re-election, not avoiding a tanked agenda, though the latter affects the former. Pols, excluding those not running for re-election, will actually try to stop Trump’s destructive behavior when they sense that behavior will cost them re-election.

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