Judson Hill Considers Insurance Commissioner Run

From Judson Hill via Facebook:

“ObamaCare has failed. Uncertainty rules the day regarding health insurance and health care costs. As a result, health insurance companies will be forced again to either raise premiums or completely pull out of the so-called Obamacare markets. 

People need affordable and accessible health care that focuses on patients and expands choices. We need health care financing and reform. Georgians will not get access to quality and affordable health care without stability in the insurance market.

There may not be a more urgent domestic policy issue impacting taxpayers across Georgia than the ability to afford health insurance and to access quality health care. 

Georgia needs a proven leader as their next Insurance Commissioner who understands the issues and has common sense solutions.  A leader is needed who will aggressively advocate with Congress to implement meaningful health care reform to re-set the insurance marketplace. 

Insurance providers deserve a Commissioner who supports the free market, will eliminate burdensome government regulations, and commits to stabilize the insurance market across Georgia. 

Over the next few weeks, Shelly and I will make a decision regarding the race for Georgia Insurance Commissioner. I appreciate the numerous offers of support from across Georgia.  I ask for your prayers and welcome your comments. 

It is essential Georgians have an independent Insurance Commissioner who has a history of advocating for affordable health care, who understands the needs of the insurance providers, and who will champion the needs of Georgians every day.”

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