Albany BBQ First Part of Stacey Abrams’ Gubernatorial Bid

Let’s get the important details out of the way: the BBQ will come from Dunbar’s.

And on June 3 you can sample said que as Stacey Abrams holds the first public event in her nascent gubernatorial bid.

Starting in Albany is full of significance. Clinton secured 68.5% of the vote against Trump. Dougherty County is 67% African American and is way OTP. All important when running against a white, Atlanta Democrat in the primary.

In an email sent out on Tuesday, Abrams’ campaign said she “will speak with community members about their vision for a brighter Georgia…Attendees will be able to meet with Leader Abrams and discuss the critical issues facing Georgians in the community.”

The event in Chehaw Park starts at 3PM with speeches scheduled for 4PM.

There will also be Snow Cones.


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3 years ago

Gotta say that the way that Abrams forces folk to use the honorific “Leader Abrams” just rubs me the wrong way. And each time one of her staff calls her that I can hear their soul dying a little bit. I hope she keeps on doing it because I can’t imagine that plays well with the average voter.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
3 years ago
Reply to  GeorgiaHack

I have to agree the shortened honorific doesn’t sit well.

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