Atlanta Police Officers Union Endorses Norwood

The second time’s the charm for Mary Norwood to secure the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers. The Atlanta local union endorsed her mayoral bid on Monday. Way back in 2009, the union sided with then-Sen. Kasim Reed over Norwood.

“Her integrity and record on transparency set her apart plus she has a deep grasp of all of the issues that impact public safety,” said Local 623 IBPO President Lieutenant Stephen Zygaj.

This is, I believe, either the first union endorsement in the 2017 mayoral campaign, or merely the first major union endorsement.

In an email on Tuesday, Norwood said: “I will make 2,000 officers on the streets a reality, and help attract and retain the best and brightest in law enforcement to Atlanta. And we will do so while making sure that our officers have the trust of the communities they serve.”


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