Text of the 9 Resolutions Considered at the 2016 Georgia GOP Convention

Georgia Republicans considered nine resolutions at their 2016 convention. Here they are:

A Resolution On Getting Back to the Basics of Republican Principles

Resolution Addressing Educational Initiatives

A Resolution Supporting Medical Cannabis, In-State Access and Expanded Diagnoses for Prescribing

A Resolution to Support Tax Reform in Georgia

Resolution Opposing Medicaid Expansion in the State of Georgia

Resolution to Explore Republican Presidential Election Processes in Georgia

A Resolution Honoring the Service of Linda Herren to the Georgia GOP

Recognizing the public service of United States Representative Lynn A. Westmoreland in the United States Congress

A Resolution Honoring Robert J. “Bob” Shaw

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I have no problem with the 3 resolutions honoring the individuals. I have a huge problem with the hypocrisy and self-defeating goals that the other six resolutions represent. As you may expect, I’ll have a little more to say about that in this morning’s column.


Thanks, it is early for popcorn but our high caffine coffee should be in full effect when Charlie analyzes them.


I obviously haven’t had enough coffee yet …. if the Republicans support medical marijuana, why didn’t they get the job done already?

Will Durant
Will Durant

Who wrote this hogwash? Never mind. I think I’m going to look for something more productive to do like tarpon fishing.


Hogwash is a fair description of the Resolution Addressing Educational Initiatives which more accurately would be named Resolution Addressing Things and People We Don’t Like. Even understood as a call to arms instead of a white paper, it’s pretty loopy.

The authors mention Common Core, College Board, Bernie Sanders, social engineering, tyranny, bathroom regs, the Left, and ideologies opposed to the American way of life as bad, bad, bad. What they want is to make Georgia education great again, mainly with more state money for their neo-seg academies.