WGST GeorgiaPol Radio – Good Friday & Post Sine Die Edition

It’s Good Friday, which is still Friday. That means GeorgiaPol radio on WGST.

Jon Richards, Stefan Turkheimer, and myself will join Sully in the Rhino Shield Studios (Rhino Shield: It’s better than paint) for some RINO Radio Recap of the Sine Die events.

Expect a…conversational hour.  It’s good Friday, and radio today will begin a stand down of political activities for the Easter weekend.  We’ll talk politics for the first half hour.  We’ll ease into more civil and light hearted discussion for the second hour.  About what?  I have no idea.  Food, sports, holiday plans, how I found out that I’m part Yankee (seriously folks – this was my hardest test of giving up drinking for Lent.)

Y’all have a topic?  Let us know here or call in after noon at 404-367-9478.  Then listen live on 640AM or at this link right here.

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Will Durant
Will Durant
4 years ago
Reply to  Charlie

Don’t forget this little prayer meeting as well:

Cliff Notes version of my take can be found on the bottom of the comments here:

Boils down to why Ralph Reed is the lobbyist allowed to conduct prayer meetings on state property with this event this year and the only group that held a demonstration under the dome last year when everyone else is relegated to Liberty Park.

4 years ago

There is Yankee, and then there is yankee… You need to be more specific.

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