Speaker Ralston: No Changes To “Campus Carry” Bill

Speaker Ralston said in an interview with WABE the House will not make any changes to the “Campus Carry” bill passed out of the General Assembly on March 11th. Governor Deal issued a statement soon after the bill’s passage signaling he wants lawmakers to exempt on-campus child care centers and to address his concerns about high school students enrolled in college courses on campuses that permit firearms.

Whispers of potential action by the General Assembly have swirled around since Governor Deal’s statement. Speaker Ralston said in the interview:

If you start trying to pick at the threads of some of these things, sometimes you can end up gutting the entire intent of the law, and I’m not going to ask this House of Representatives to do that

Despite the Speaker’s unwillingness to tweak the bill, Governor Deal has not indicated whether or not he will veto the legislation.

Note: You can hear the interview with WABE’s Denis O’Hayer tomorrow morning on WABE.

Note: We originally reported that Johnny Kauffman did the interview with the Speaker. We regret the error and blame others.


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