GeorgiaPol Radio — Episode 4 for February 5, 2016: We’re Going National

It’s Saturday!  You know what that means….the day after payday!  Well, that….and the GeorgiaPol Radio podcast.  Every Friday, Charlie Harper, Jon Richards, and Stefan Turkheimer take over the radio booth at WGST on Rich “Sully” Sullivan’s radio show to talk about Georgia Politics.  Except this week.  This week, we’re switching our focus back to the caucus thing that happened in Iowa earlier this week and forward to New Hampshire’s primary next Tuesday.

Here’s this week’s synopsis:

  • Segment 1: Charlie, Jon, and Stefan discuss Iowa: Trump is a loser; Hillary is supposed to be queen, but almost 50% of Iowa Democrats say “not so fast”; Cruz, the victor on the GOP side, continues to exclaim how #TheEstablishment are attacking him and hates him.
  • Segment 2: Grant Bosse (@GrantBosse on Twitter), the Editorial Page Editor for the Manchester Union Leader newspaper, joins the gang to give his take on what’s going on the ground in New Hampshire.
  • Segment 3: Stefan gives a run down of the Democratic Debate on Thursday night.  Apparently, it turned in to an “out-Progressive” contest between Bernie and Hillary. Jon and Charlie talk about the upcoming Republican Debate where 7 men debate, but the 1 woman doesn’t.  Speculation is that she will probably join the others on stage.  Then, Charlie talks about how Jeb(!) Bush’s campaign is turning out similar to Phil Gramm’s 1996 presidential campaign and how Jeb(!) could become a kingmaker….if he drops out before Tuesday.
  • Segment 4: More discussion on Jeb(!)’s strategy of attacking Rubio instead of Cruz or Trump.  Randy calls in to ask Stefan a question.  Charlie uses Randy as an example in a lesson in how to get things done and welcomes him to #TheEstablishment.  Charlie talks about “The Big Game” and how Atlanta is in the running to host “The Big Game” again with building a new stadium including the opportunity costs of a sales tax exemption to bring “The Big Game” to Atlanta.

That’s all for this week of GeorgiaPol Radio.  Many thanks to Sully for letting Charlie, Jon, and Stefan take over the microphone each week.  You can listen every Friday at 12 noon Eastern Time on The Sully Show on WGST 640AM in the Atlanta area or anywhere on planet Earth where you can get a connection to the Interwebs through your browser on the iHeartRadio app.

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Pete Gibbons
Pete Gibbons

Grant has been a boss this weekend. He was on my TV a few times, between the tears of Cam.