Greetings From Middle Georgia…via Atlanta

First, thank y’all for having me.  I’ve followed the contributors here for some time and am really looking forward to joining the conversation. 
A little about me, I work in the legislature for Rep. Stacey Evans. This is my 5th session. I took a short break to help run the research department Michelle Nunn’s Senate campaign, which ended as well as it could, I guess. I’m sure you got that memo, though.
I’ve worked in both chambers, and worked with both parties in some capacity, mostly focused on HOPE and workforce development policy.
I’m from Monroe County, a regular at Manuel’s Tavern, and if I’m not in Atlanta, I’m most likely back home on the Ocmulgee River. I have a beautiful wife and a six month old son that’s definitely cuter than you, unless of course you’re Stefan. 
Charlie and I got to know each other over a beer at Manuel’s, and came to agree very quickly on this: For every distracting noise-maker using the Gold Dome to campaign or soap box, there’s at least two sincere, reasoned ones from each party working their butts off to make state government work well for the people it serves. 
That’s what I want to write about. And I hope y’all want to read about it. 
See y’all around the Capitol! 



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